Monday, November 5, 2012

Experience the Magic, at Your NLI

Thanks to Honora Faul of the Department of Prints & Drawings at the National Library of Ireland for letting me know that the NLI have chosen one of my images that they have in their collection to be part of their new front hall display.
It consists of a series of banners which are part of an exciting project called “Your NLI”.

The picture above is from "East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon" and I chose not to use it in the final book, going for a more dynamic diagonally oriented composition. I can't believe I spent so much time on a painting before deciding against using it. Now I see a lot of good things in the more formal, profile view of the Lassie on the White Bear, but the bear in the final painting is much stronger.

I added a layer of falling snow to the picture in the book.
Both originals are in the NLI collection.
Nikki Ralston, who put the project together, has done an entry on it in the NLI's own blog with a link to a very interesting slideshow of the pictures featured in the display.

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