Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Ghost of Christmas Present: Nearly There

MaryBrigid Turner bought me a coffee on Saturday afternoon when the picture was nearly finished, and we talked about the whole business of painting in public, the pros and cons. You can see the interview here at the Inís website
I reckon MB owed me the coffee as she was the one who dreamed up the whole idea of me as artist in residence in Hodges Figgis window.


Gabrielle said...

And a very good idea it was. I'm one of the booksellers, it was very cool yo have you painting in the store and has made me rethink my painting technique as well. Just read one of the stories in The Oscar Wilde book you illustrated (Nightingale and the Rose) and realised it is the same version I read as a child and remembered being very sad. Very beautifully done.

felicitydeverell said...

Great idea! I'd love to see someone painting in our book shop! Would be fun to do it myself sometime to!

A interesting painting from what I can see of it. You will post up the finished result wont you! :)

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Gabrielle and Felicity
You should have told me about your painting Gabrielle.
Glad you liked the Oscar book.
I met his grandson Merlin some years ago and gave him one of the little pix from the Nightingale and the Rose.
He seemed quite moved by it.

I can recommend the experience of painting in public Felicity...if you are that kind of person. I think I am. I am missing the audience now.