Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Faces of Sean

Here are a couple of recent life paintings of a new model named Sean.
After completing the three quarter length study above, I made this quick portrait sketch below.
I was struck by how different Sean looked from these different angles.
From the side he looks a wee bit pasty and out of condition , whilst from the front his face was square and rugged and he appeared to me like a beefy GI or a wrestling star.


Amal said...

I didn't scroll far enough to see these before. Your palette always leaves me wondering how you keep it so restrained. Final pieces are simultaneously quiet and potent. Aesthetically and emotionally it's all there! Love to study all of those plane changes...

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Amal
In answer to your comment I have discussed the palette etc in a new post about the Zorn palette
Thanks so much