Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Female Form

Here are a couple of recent life paintings of female models.
I often elect for a rear view study, especially if I don't have a long time with the pose. That means I don't get involved with the business of attempting a likeness and can concentrate instead on describing the form, the skin tones and the way light falls on the body.
I also like that the anonymous rear view is more evocative of womanhood generally than of a specific individual.

The prone study above (which I set) was the cause of a certain amount of debate about where the boundaries might be perceived to be between eroticism, sensuality and titilation.
My position is that I am not happy with the idea of boundaries in the first place, and that a good life painting can work on many levels, eg as an artist's practice piece, a portrait, an exploration of the human condition, and even as a kind of up market pin-up.
I don't think that we should be coy about the fact that we are working with naked human beings, and that sexuality is an issue, but for myself, I am probably most pleased when we have a model who's looks or shape do not conform to any conventional notion of beauty.


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Thank you for sharing your lovely works and deep thoughts. In my view, art work cannot be discussed by "so&so-ism" or a "theory." Art works stands between subjectivity and objectivity. But it also represents an artist's identity.
...I'm too chatty. I always do not have word on art.
Kind regards, Sadami

yaamas said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, PJ. Boundaries are meant to be broken down so that freedom can soar. I feel that art always reflects the artist and what a gift it is to be able to express yourself in such a way. We are all different as human beings...we all have fears, we all have gifts, we all have memories, we all have secrets, we all have dreams, we all have loves and we all have expression. It's all about being true to who you are, in other words, "keeping it real" and when we can express ourselves to others it makes it really special, even if it doesn't please everyone. In the end, staying true to yourself makes us individuals.

I love this painting for its elegance, its vulnerability, its execution and its views from the artist. Thanks for keeping it real.


Aladine said...

I love them. I think too many people are fidgety about the type of pose a model does (or that is chosen) for women. The expression female sexuality is worth exploring!

Additionally, the same questions apply to male models and what poses they execute/present. I feel the same way about both.

"Eroticism, sensuality, and titillation"- none of these are inherently negative. What an engaging entry!

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks for those very thoughtful comments guys.
Much appreciated.
I do feel the business and dynamics of the life room deserve some exploration. I'll find some interesting male studies to post.
Best regards