Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Culture Night at the United Arts Club in Dublin

I'm one of five or six artists who will be doing fairly quick portrait drawings this Friday as part of the United Arts Club's Dublin Culture Night Celebration!
My pal Brian Gallagher will also be on duty for this Arts Club fundraiser.
We'll be doing doing portrait sketches with each sitting lasting about twenty five minutes. I'll be drawing with wax and chalk on gray Ingres paper, a wee bit like the picture above. I think each drawing will cost the sitter about 20 euro.

Here is the club's blurb about the event:
The historic United Arts Club, founded in 1907 as a centre for people interested in the Arts is opening its doors this Friday night.
Take this opportunity to tour the building and view our current art exhibition (from 5pm-11pm)


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Lovely and sensitive job! Thank you for sharing the beautiful work.
Kind regards, Sadami

Aladine said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear PJ,

This looks absolutely lovely! The more so because I've always loved portraiture without color...it makes the texture of the work stand out all on its own.

I'm going to be partaking in culture night (how could I not!) and hopefully I will see you there!

Beautiful beautiful drawing.


Eva Huertas said...

we want a lot of photoooos!!! O_O (at least for the ones who can't go there)

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for those kind comments guys.
Aladine, I look forward to meeting you tonight if you make it to the Arts Club.
Seems like our drawings might cost as little as 20 euro which seems like a bit of a bargain to me. We'll be downstairs in the drawing room.
I'll try to remember to bring my camera Eva.
Regards PJ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely portrait! It was great to meet you!

I hope to get it scanned sometime this week.


PJ Lynch said...

Hi Aladine
Many thanks for coming along.
I'm delighted you like the drawing..maybe I'll get a chanc eto do a better one of you some day.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Another portrait would of course be a delight! And I'll keep my eye out for any events I can make it to in Dublin.

Thanks for the appreciation of the wings!


jimbo4711 said...

Hi PJ, love the site, thanks for your kind comments. Hope to meet you for a pint sometime soon.


PJ Lynch said...

Hi Jim
Thanks for looking in.
I look forward to the pint.
Best wishes