Monday, August 30, 2010

The 2010 Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival

gif animator
Gif animator
Here's a practice piece I did in preparation for my contribution at THE 2010 MOUNTAINS TO SEA DLR BOOK FESTIVAL.
I'm going to be painting a large (this one is 4 foot tall) oil painting a bit like this one over the weekend (11th and 12th Sept).
Anyone who's attending please come and say "Hi"... I reckon I'll need the moral support.
I still haven't decided on the final image I will be painting, but, given the time constraints, it will have to be simple with just one or two figures and a nice plain background perhaps stencilled like this one. I'm pretty sure I'll be using gold paint and gold leaf as I have done here. (I have tried to show the shiny effect by making an animated gif)
I've considered The Children of Lir and Gulliver but they could both get a bit complicated.
Maybe I'll do something like Cinderella or Sleeping beauty or Jack the Giant Killer.
Anyone got any great suggestions?


Lisa Hunt said...

Fantastic! I vote for Jack the Giant Killer. You're such an inspiration.

Olivia Casanova said...
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Olivia Casanova said...

The Children of I like Cinderella as well.
(I can't believe I'm daring to say my opinion to a Master).
Whatever you decide to paint, it's going to be beautiful, that's for sure.