Friday, July 23, 2010

A Day in the Life

Here's a A Day in the Life piece that the Evening Herald did on me yesterday.
Conor de Lion did a very nice piece based on a long conversation but I'm not mad about the photo which they got on file somewhere.
Click on the image to read to article.


Candace X. Moore said...

Good article, PJ. I'm always curious about how successful, self-directed artists handle their day/week/month. A good example of how it's done. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

yaamas said...

I needed to read this, today. I've been a little frustrated with my working habits lately and finding time is passing by so quickly while my creative mind continues to see imagery. I think a more rigid work week is what I need.

I like your whole approach with jumping right into projects rather then let them collect on the self. And yes, we all need a break from the life of solitude being an artist and that is always a good excuse to keep in touch with other artists talking business and art and yes, just how hard it is to make a living doing it. The internet has been good for me because I continually receive inspiration from artists such as yourself.

I'd give anything to have a pint and talk art with you one day. Perhaps on the way to one of our trips to Germany we'll make a stop in Dublin and look for you at the local pub. Once again, thank you for the inspiration my friend.

Root said...

I like it thanks you very much :x
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PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Candace, James and Root,
Glad you liked it, but of course I left out the many hours of futtering around without getting anything done, and the staring madly at a blank page hoping for inspiration.
I think I could give good recommendations for how an illustrator should efficiently plan out their day or week, but I am hopeless at following my own advice!

I look forward to meeting up for a pint or two James...Dublin is a great place for that, but I'm often over in the States too. Even went to OctoberFest in Germany once.
All the best

yaamas said...

Hehe, that is priceless... you are truly an artist, so inspired, have a plan, have a deadline, have the image in mind and yep, sit down in front of the blank paper and stare....and then wonder, maybe I need to put a bookcase on that wall of the studio, I need to straighten up in here, wait! did I do all my emails? Ah lunch! I'm going to attack this painting tonight....

Anytime you make another trip to the states in the Philly area, let me know, it would be an honor to talk art and have a few. Also, I can take you see two other masters works and their studios, N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle (both are a hop, skip and jump away from our home). Germany is an amazing place and excellent beer!

Be well and happy painting!