Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"The Story of Britain" by Patrick Dillon

One of the books I was working on recently is The Story of Britain by Patrick Dillon.
It was a very enjoyable book for me to work on, and, as it had a nice tight deadline, it helped me to get myself out of the doldrums I had fallen into with other projects.
I met Patrick for the first time at Walker Books' big party last week, and I am pleased to say he turned out to be a really nice guy and a very interesting character.
His history is written in an accessible style but with a certain gentle authority that I think will give it a very wide appeal.
My own contribution to the book was to paint a lot of heads of kings, queens and other key figures and also a number of other scenes to decorate the book. It is very much all about Patrick's text, but being a Walker book it will of course be a beautiful production.
I'll let you know when I hear the publication date.

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