Friday, May 14, 2010

Life study of Fiona

Here is a study I did last week of Fiona, who is a new model to me.
A small technical point which might be of interest to other illustrators: I painted Fiona on an absolutely flat prepared panel, unlike the textured panels I usually use. This does make a considerable difference to the process of applying the paint, but I don't think the end result is hugely altered.
Now that I'm painting a lot of my originals in oils, scanning the pictures and sending digital files is the only practical way to get the images to my publishers in the UK and the US. My problem was that my scanner somehow picked up too much of the detail of the texture in the canvas or board I was using. Hopefully the flat surface will solve that problem.


yaamas said...

This one is a beauty. I love the way you aired out the background. The pose is great too. I understand what you mean about textured surfaces verses smooth. I had switched from cold press watercolor paper to hot press a few years ago, mainly because of the scanning process. It took a little time for my work to look the same on hot press as on cold press. I like painting on both papers. The thing that is amazing about your oils is that they look like your watercolors...amazing! So, you're working mostly in oil now? Book illustration too?

Beautiful work, PJ

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks James
It's good to try different media. Helps keep you fresh doesn't it?
I think my oils look like the watercolours because I used a lot of gouache on top making my watercolours pretty oils.
All the best

innisart said...


Ben Hatke said...

Absolutely fantastic. One of my dreams is to have the opportunity to do more of this kind of painting. Thanks for posting. It's inspiring and keeps me hoping.

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Matthew and Ben
Best regards