Monday, March 15, 2010

A Busy Week

Last week was a busy one for events of one kind and another.
Wednesday saw IBby Ireland's announcement that Eoin Colfer and I would be the Irish nominees for this year's Hans Christian Andersen Award. (There are some photos in iBby Ireland's gallery section. That's me and Eoin pictured with Mary Finn and Andrew whitson above).
It's the second time that I have been nominated by iBby Ireland, and I really do consider it a huge honour.
The event itself was well organized and relaxed, and it was my first chance to really meet with Eoin. I'm a big admirer of his work and we discussed the possibility of working on a book together. I would love it if we could make it happen. He's a very funny guy: you can check out his website here.

Then on Thursday there were a couple of very buzzy art openings in Dublin.
Mick O'Dea had a great show at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, and later there was the launch of the Life Drawing Exhibition at The United Arts Club.
I've been delighted to have been involved with the life drawing shows at the Arts Club since they began about ten years ago.
Tom Byrne started the drawing sessions, and since he moved to France, the class has been in the capable hands of Brian Gallagher. Look out for Brian's new show opening this week at the Signal Arts Centre in Bray.


yaamas said...

Congrats my friend! It couldn't happen to a more talented illustrator. I am really excited to see what you create next. Hope the "Life Drawing" exhibit went well too.

Have a great day of inspiration, PJ


Susan at Stony River said...

Wow, Congratulations!
And good luck to both of you: on the Hans Christian Andersen awards, and the collaboration (hope it happens!)

Sheila said...

I love it when great things happen to talented and good people. Congratulations! It is well deserved.

Jennifer Farley said...

Hi PJ, just wanted to let you know that I wrote a short blog post with links back to your site about your artwork on ooh nice! You can see it here Illustrations of PJ Lynch

all the best