Monday, November 2, 2009

Emperor Giuseppe

I've posted at least one study of Giuseppe before. Here's another more finished painting.
I think that setting the figure within his context always makes for a better picture than a study of a figure floating in space. Of course you need plenty of time to do this.
I enjoyed rendering the fairly swanky chair too, and altogether, I liked the rather imperial look that Giuseppe has in this one.


Susan at Stony River said...

I love this one. His pose and the chair suit each other; your title works!

yaamas said...

Another great life painting, PJ. I especially like the profile of Giuseppe, beautifully rendered and executed. I am really enjoying seeing your new work on a daily basis.

Happy painting!

Anna said...

I love your paintings and when I googled your name I came across this blog
and therefore I like to ask you, if you are with it that I do a post on my blog about you and your art?

you can find me here

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Susan, James and Anna
Thanks so much for the generous comments.
I really liked your blog, Anna, it's full of great artists that I hadn't heard of.
I'd be delighted if you would include me.
Very best wishes

Anonymous said...

I meant to check this blog before and I always forgot.
Having you as an artist is a real pleasure for a model.
I do find my personality in it,with an hint of irony as I don't take myself that seriously.I definitely recognize that certain pensive melancholy as mine.I d love to model for you and get one of your works as a payment rather than money:)
I will probably have to work hundreds of hours:)
Thank u,Giuseppe