Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Multiplane Snoopy Picture

Whilst I'm still on my nostalgia trip, here is a photo from a project I did when I was at Brighton College of Art.
I was fascinated with the art of Disney movies, and particularly with the Multiplane camera that gave movies like Snow White and Pinnochio a stunning sense of depth.
I created my own multiplane set-up by painting the central action on an acetate cel, and the foreground and background elements on watercolour paper. Then I raised the various planes a few inches away from each other by jamming them in between piles of books on my desk. Lastly I lit the scene in different ways using anglepoise lamps, and took lots of photographs.
I'll try to find a coloured version and I'll post that too.

There's a bit of a creepy flavour to some of my work from those days. I don't know what was going on in my head.


christine grove said...

Wonderful! And I love the multi-plane technique.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Christine.
Of course it can all be done so easily with Photoshop now
All the best

Ciaran said...

Looks great as it is - it's always about tonal values, not colour. I like the contrast, the boldness of it. More of the same Mr Lynch please

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Ciaran