Monday, June 8, 2009

Stony River Farm Blog

For any of you who are aspiring writers, I can really recommend Susan's Stony River Farm blog.
It's always really entertaining and very informative on competitions, grants and outlets where writers might get published.
This week she has everything from links to a first novel competition, to someone who's looking for stories in 55 words or less.
And lots of personal and funny stuff too.


Susan at Stony River said...

Yes, the funny bits are where I try to draw LOL.

My eldest is sitting her Leaving Cert at the moment, hoping to get into IADT's Animation course, a nervous time for us parents, though she's playing it cool. So, thanks for the lift this morning!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Susan
Best of luck to your eldest in her exams.
I hope she becomes the next Walt Disney.
All the best