Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Children of the Famine trilogy

I recently finished work on new oil paintings for Marita Conlon-McKenna's Children of the Famine trilogy, and the books are in the shops this week.
Marita is a good friend of mine, so I was delighted to be asked by O'Brien Press to provide new covers for "Under the Hawthorn Tree", "Wildflower Girl" and "Fields of Home".
The books have been hugely successful, both critically and in terms of worldwide sales. They deal with one family's experience of life at the time of the famine and emigration to America.
I think Wildflower girl is my favourite of the three paintings,. You can see the others at the O'Brien Press blog.


Susan said...

Beautiful! I like all three.

I enjoyed reading the trilogy but admit I was very glad to hear they'd get new covers--maybe it was just that, sitting next to newer books on the shelf, the old covers were showing their age a bit. Your new ones are gorgeous.

mjartist said...

Mr Lynch,
All three are very nice...but this one has a mood to it that makes it the best of the 3. Reminds me of the Jessie paintings, and those were awesome too!!

What watercolors??


PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Susan and MJ
I'm glad you liked them.
These are actually painted in oils.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

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