Friday, September 19, 2008

"The Street Where I Live"

I've submitted a couple of oil paintings for the Ranelagh Arts Festival.
The theme of the show was "The Street Where I Live".
This picture shows a view of an old pub that is near where I live, and the very modern house that has been built next door to it. I think the juxtaposition of the two architectural styles is wonderfully successful. Indeed the modern house is part built with the same red brick as the pub, so that in parts the two blend seamlessly.

I painted this in August when it seemed to rain every day,
It was a lovely change to paint a picture mostly comprised of buildings, but the illustrator in me always comes through, hence the addition of the person struggling along with the umbrella.
Perhaps he's heading for the pub and a hot whisky.


Susan said...

...then the writer in me wonders what could have sent that poor fellow out into the rain for a hot whiskey, and the tale is on...

Lovely painting.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Susan
It looks like all of these "almost empty" paintings ask more questions than the illustration work where I always seem to be trying to elucidate something.