Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oisin and Niamh of the Golden Hair

This scene shows Oisin, son of Finn Mac Cumhaill, riding off across the waves to Tir na n'Og, with Niamh of the Golden Hair.

Here is the artwork and below is a sheet of the printed stamps.
It was certainly a big thrill to see my work reproduced as a stamp, and to think that they were being seen and used by millions of people.

I revisited both of these legends in the book The Names upon the Harp by Marie Heaney.


valentina said...

that's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have that book and the artwork contained within is just fantastic .

Cheers .

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Valentina and Simon
Many thanks

Christopher Denise said...

What a treat to discover your blog. Many thanks for sharing. Wonderful work.

Tua Cathach said...

wow this was nice to see again..

the character that is portraying oisin there is actually my brother.

i remember him going to do this

Anonymous said...

I'm wheezing in excitement! I only stumbled across this blog page specifically because a friend in Japan sent me some limited edition stamps, and I was trying to find a picture online of the Oisin and Niamh set I still have safely tucked away in a photo-album-doubling-as-stamp-collection-book from when I was something like 8 years old (I'm afraid I don't remember when the set came out but I remember begging my mother to purchase it for me at the GPO) because I was too lazy to dig it out and take a photo.

I'm 24 now, and I'd like to thank you for all your beautiful artwork. They gave me great joy as a child. I have your Children of Lir set as well.

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Tua Cathach and Midgar-skyline
I am so glad you like the work and that the stamps made that kind of impression on you as a child.
I wish they would ask me to do some more stamps....I will certainly pos if they do.
Best regards