Monday, June 30, 2008

Still Life of a Decanter on Damask

In case any one was wondering what kind of work I do in my spare time, here is a still life that I did last year. It has just sold in a Dublin exhibition, so I'm feeling a tiny bit wistful for it.
The technique I generally use for painting like this involves doing a pretty detailed drawing direct from the subject, and then working the painting up in oils using colour notes and photo reference. The end result is that these paintings have a muted, monochrome appearance that is very much what I'm after in this series of oils, as a contrast to the work I do in book illustration.


Sally said...

Gosh, that's beautiful. I am not surprised you are feeling wistful. I should imagine it is very hard to see some of your work go as you must develop a real relationship with a painting whilst creating it.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for that, Sally.
I never mind too much when I sell originals from a book that has been published, as the book for me is the finished piece. And I can always look at the pictures in the book.
Selling one-off pictures like this is much tougher, especially as I spent such a lot of time rendering the damask effect.
Best wishes

PJ Nolan said...

lovely job PJ - what size is the original?

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks PJ
Nice to meet another PJ on line.
That painting is about 22 x 16 inches.
I like your blog