Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bee-man of Orn, cover art from sketch to painting

Here's a little video showing the process from sketch to the finished painting of the cover of The Bee-man of Orn by Frank R Stockton.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely enchanting. Thank you.


HELENE J said...

really interesting
Great artwork so precise! bravo!

Justin D. Russell said...

I have the cd from "The Bee Man of Orn." I have watched it several times. I happened on your blog whilst looking for reference for a project I am starting. I am a freelance illustratour out of the US. I am working for a role playing game company currently but I am putting together an illustrated version of a Russian Faerie-tale. I needed ideas for book sizes and layout and instantly thought of your work on "The Bee Man of Orn." I just wanted to say thank you for having such inspiring work and for making some of the most beautiful modern faerie-tale illustrations available. Much regards, Justin

Corey L said...

i'm using this book and the accompanying dvd to teach a grade 5language arts unit here in Calgary. it is proving to be an excellent resource to teach descriptive writing. not only do the kids love the story (which has some great similes and metaphors), but PJ Lynch's illustrations bring the story to life. i discuss how he layers his sketches with shaping lines and colour until he has a powerful image, just like the a good author. in turn, Frank Stockton has written the tale with description to establish imagery in the readers mind. keep up the amazing work, so i can keep using more stuff in class.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks guys for those great commets
All the best