Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Bee-man of Orn. A look at the process I use.

I wanted to show a little bit of my process, so here is an example of the kind of photo reference I use. This is actually captured from a video. I feel that this gives me the chance to capture exactly the pose I want,and the added advantage is that the image is pretty low quality so that I am not tempted to produce a painting that looks too photo-realistic.
By the way, the model is me!
 I just set the video camera up on a tripod, and start acting the part.
Here, then is the sketch that I created using video capture photos like the one above.
I did this one as an inspirational sketch for myself near the start of the project, so it is a bit more finished than most of my drawings.
And this is the finished painting. 
You can see more from The Bee-man of Orn in the Books section.
I did a short video showing the process in more detail, and I'll post that on the blog soon.


Raluca C said...

very interesting to see the different steps of creation!Thanks for shareing!

Analise said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the visuals in the book, and it was great to see the general processand the origina sketches too. Thanks for posting this!