Friday, May 4, 2012

Oisín in Tir na n'Og

These are two pictures from Oisín in Tir na n'Og which is one of the stories in the book of Irish legends that I did with Marie Heaney, The Names Upon The Harp.
Ireland of the Welcomes magazine has featured them in their current issue.

I was really pleased with the look of Oisín as "a feeble blind old man".
Alas, a lot of that lovely detail always gets lost when a piece is reduced in print.


Amal said...
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Amal said...

PJ, all your sings! and think it's because you know precisely, instinctively when to stop (and make use of all those lost/found edges) that make us lose ourselves in the magic of the picture. The Oisín illustration is a great ex.

PJ Lynch said...

You are so kind Amal, but I am afraid I have never quite known when to stop.
I am glad you like the edges, but I am sure you would agree that during the making of a picture, a lot of those lovely subtleties are lost. It's a good idea to record your process so you can look back and see when your painting was at it's best.
Best regards